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About Our Childcare Centres

At The Green Elephant Early Learning Centres, the essence of family permeates all aspects of our services. As a family-owned group run by parents of three young children, we understand the need for a space where children feel as secure and loved as they do at home.

We consider the trust you place in us for your child’s care and education our highest responsibility. Our dedication to excellence in care and education is steadfast as we aim to create the ideal environment for your child’s development.

To us, the concept of ‘family’ is not just a value; it is our guiding principle. Our focus goes beyond education and care; we are committed to creating a nurturing, child-centric environment and fostering a strong community spirit. Our goal is to positively impact not only the children in our care but also the wider community.

Join The Green Elephant family. Visit us and discover how we can contribute to your child’s journey of growth and learning. We look forward to welcoming you and your family.

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The Green Elephant Way

The Green Elephant Way embodies the cultivation of a love for learning. Our philosophy at The Green Elephant intertwines values, approach, and commitment to early childhood education. At its core, we prioritise creating a secure, nurturing, and inclusive environment. Sustainability and environmental awareness are fundamental to our ethos. Forming respectful partnerships with families is a key aspect of The Green Elephant Way, essential in fostering a supportive and enriching environment for each child. We are dedicated to creating an atmosphere where children can uniquely explore, discover, and grow.

Vision & Values

At The Green Elephant, we fundamentally believe that all children are competent andcurious learners. Our passion and privilege are to offer young minds the physical, emotional, social, and intellectual stimulation they need to flourish. We provide a secure environment where each child can develop at their own pace, under the skilful guidance of our caring educators. Our commitment extends to creating environments that inspire pioneers, engage explorers, and excite thinkers. Through play-based experiences and guided teaching, we encourage children’s natural curiosity by connecting them with the natural world.

Nursery Room
Nursery Room
Toddlers room

Our Philosophy

At The Green Elephant, our main priority is fostering a nurturing and safe environment where children receive the highest level of care and education. We strive to create a homely atmosphere that is welcoming to all, enabling children to grow and develop at their own pace. Understanding the significance of play-based learning, we provide enjoyable and engaging activities, both individually and in groups, to nurture curiosity and skill in young learners. Our approach is collaborative and respectful, embracing a diversity of cultures, opinions, and backgrounds. We are committed to learning from our children, supporting their educational journey, and instilling in them a lifelong love for learning.

Toddlers room

Our Team

Our educators at The Green Elephant are more than professionals; they are part of our family. We are committed to mentoring and supporting them, providing opportunities for growth along their career paths. What sets us apart is our belief in the power of inspiring educators to create equally inspiring environments for young children.

Preschool Room

The Green Elephant Way

The Green Elephant way encompasses the philosophy, values, and approach of the childcare provider. At the core of this approach is creating a safe, nurturing, and inclusive environment that promotes children’s holistic development through play-based learning activities.

Vision & Values

Here at The Green Elephant, we believe within our core that all children are competent and curious learners. It is our passion and privilege to provide little minds with the physical, emotional, social and intellectual stimulus they deserve to thrive.


We prioritize creating a nurturing and safe environment where children receive the highest level of care and education. Our goal is to provide a home-like space that welcomes everyone and allows each child to develop at their own pace.

Our Team

Our educators are more than just professionals, they are family who we seek to mentor and support, to give opportunities of growth to along their career pathways.

Our Curriculum

At The Green Elephant, we strive to surpass standard practices by offering children acomprehensive, play-based curriculum with hands-on learning experiences. We encourage children to pursue their interests, guided by our highly skilled educators who support their learning and play.

What type of Elephant will your little one become??

Creative Elephant

Expressing themselves physically and emotionally with an artistictouch.

Groovy Elephant

Moving and grooving to life’s rhythm.

Tongue-tied Elephant

Constantly enhancing their cognitive skills through conversationand babble

Explorer Elephant

Seizing every chance to discover the world around them.

Fit Elephant

Always active and enjoying every moment.

Safety Elephant

Cautiously exploring to build resilience and strength.

Healthy Elephant

Mindful and curious, nourishing their bodies day by day.

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Our Childcare Centres

Our centres provide welcoming, secure, and nature-inspired environments where childrenare nurtured to thrive and foster a lifelong passion for learning

Beaconsfield Childcare Centre

Explore our Beaconsfield Early Learning Centre, 20 – 22 William St, Beaconsfield

Horsley Park Childcare Centre

Explore our Horsley Park Early Learning Centre, 145 – 161 Horsley Rd, Horsley Park

Roseberry Childcare Centre

Explore our Rosebery Early Learning Centre, 55 Mentmore Avenue, Rosebery

Our Childcare Centre rooms

Our nursery, toddler, and preschool programs are designed to nurture children’s social, emotional, creative, and motor skill development. We encourage babies with hands-onsensory learning, assist toddlers in gaining independence and self-help skills, and engagepre-schoolers in a play-based curriculum tailored to their interests and guided by educator goals. Our educators facilitate learning through conversations and small group experiences, always prioritising safety, positive relationships, and enjoyment.


Our nursery rooms are designed as an extension of your home, where we strive to create a
warm, comforting, and safe environment that caters to the individual needs and routines of
young children.

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In our toddler rooms, we encourage and support the continuous development
of children’s self-help skills and independence. We aim to build resilience and self-awareness within a harmonious and enjoyable environment.

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Our preschool program, tailored for children aged three to six years, focuses on small group
activities that address various needs and interests. We aim to cultivate independent learning in pre-schoolers through various engaging, hands-on experiences.

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Immerse yourself in The Green Elephant’s world of early learning, where each blog post offers a glimpse into our dedication to nurturing young minds and assisting families on their childcare journey.

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awards and recognition

2022 Finalist

2023 Winner

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