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Our Curriculum

The Green Elephant is much more than just a childcare centre; we are dedicated partners in nurturing your child’s growth. Our commitment goes beyond basic care, aiming to create a joyful and enriching experience for every child.

This goal is realised through our eight specialised programs, each carefully designed to comprehensively address the various facets of a child’s development. We understand that a secure and content environment is essential for children to learn and thrive.

Therefore, our primary objective is to provide a supportive and stimulating environment that nurtures your child’s full potential. From the foundational early learning experiences in our nursery to the advanced educational opportunities in our preschools, every stage at The Green Elephant is meticulously crafted to ensure holistic development, distinguishing us as much more than just a childcare provider

Big School Elephant

At The Green Elephant, school readiness starts in our nursery room and is embedded throughout your child’s whole journey with us. From the first steps to the final goodbye, our children are supported in developing the skills essential for ‘big school’. A combination of play-based experiences and intentional teaching activities carefully guide children through a curriculum that is built upon their evolving interests.

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Creative Elephant

The Creative Elephant program underscores the vital importance of creativity in a child’s mental health and development, meriting continuous encouragement. This program offers a nurturing space for children to express their thoughts, ideas, and emotions, as a crucial tool for comprehending and navigating their experiences. Here, creativity extends beyond mere art creation; it cultivates problem-solving skills, critical thinking, and resilience, all of which are key to lifelong achievement. At the core of creativity is the journey of self-discovery, encouraging children to uncover and celebrate their dreams, talents, and unique identities. The Creative Elephant teaches that the essence of creativity lies in the result and the journey—the exploration of ideas, interpretations, and decision-making. This approach enables children to value their individuality and nurtures their potential in a caring, supportive environment.

Groovy Elephant

Our Groovy Elephant program is a delightful blend of music, movement, creativity, and interaction, specifically tailored to foster the development of young children. Acknowledging children’s natural affinity for music, this program utilises musical stimuli to captivate and motivate. Music is a versatile tool from infancy through the lively preschool years, facilitating crucial developmental milestones. It transcends mere entertainment, cultivating joy and creativity and allowing children to engage at their own pace and level. The structured nature of music, characterised by its repetition and predictability, makes learning enjoyable and effective. This is particularly true for children’s songs, which provide abundant opportunities for practice and anticipation. The Groovy Elephant experience goes beyond passive listening; it is an interactive adventure where children actively engage, express themselves, and acquire knowledge through rhythm and melody in a supportive and stimulating environment.

    Tongue-tied Elephant

    At The Green Elephant, we are committed to the transformative impact of learning foreign languages on our young learners. Engaging in language acquisition extends beyond mere educational activity; it fundamentally rewires and reshapes the brain. As children undertake this journey of linguistic discovery, they benefit from increased synaptic connections and a marked improvement in grey matter density. These advancements are not fleeting but contribute to lifelong intellectual growth. Our curriculum is designed to nurture this extraordinary development. We make sure that each preschooler, toddler, and nursery-aged child in our program can experience these significant cognitive enhancements.

    Explorer Elephant

    We are devoted to cultivating confident and creative learners who grow into active, engaged societal contributors. Our distinctive ‘Explorer Elephant’ program is a testament to this dedication. Centred on hands-on, experiential learning, the program includes frequent small-group outings to local museums, art galleries, parks, and libraries in Rosebery, Waterloo, Beaconsfield, and Horsley Park. These excursions, primarily utilising public transportation, broaden the children’s understanding of their community and promote essential life skills such as road safety and environmental consciousness. This this methodology, integral to our early learning centre’s philosophy, nurtures a deep relationship between children and the world they live in.

    Fit Elephant

    Active and enjoyable experiences are woven into every aspect of our daily routine, complemented by specialised coaches and teachers through our ‘Fit Elephant’ program. This dynamic and engaging initiative is crafted to cultivate strong, healthy, and confident individuals who value life and are enthusiastic about their world. ‘Fit Elephant’ transcends a mere physical activity program; it is a key component of our comprehensive approach. The program harmoniously blends the development of fine and gross motor skills, focusing on environmental, nutritional, and safety consciousness. Engaging children in various physical activities and outdoor experiences, ‘Fit Elephant’ spark a lifelong passion for fitness and nature, establishing a foundation for a healthy lifestyle into their school years. This program not only boosts physical competencies but also nurtures friendships and a love for fitness, making a significant impact in our children’s lives.

    Safety Elephant

    At The Green Elephant, our ‘Safe Elephant’ program embodies our commitment to nurturing our children’s minds and well-being. This crucial component of our childcare services is crafted to teach essential life skills within a playful and engaging setting.’Safe Elephant’ extends beyond primary safety education; it is a vital part of our centre’s curriculum, designed to teach a comprehensive understanding of safety awareness, which is increasingly essential today. Through this program, children are equipped with practical skills to identify and avoid hazardous situations, empowering them with the freedom and assurance to explore and enjoy life safely. Covering a broad spectrum of topics, ‘Safe Elephant’ ensures that children develop a keen awareness of safe and unsafe environments, learn accident prevention techniques, and effectively handle daily challenges. This dedication to safety education underscores our role as a trusted provider of a secure and nurturing space where children can flourish, learn, and succeed.

    Healthy Elephant

    Our ‘Healthy Elephant’ program reflects our conviction that fostering a child’s health and wellbeing starts early. Integral to our curriculum, it is dedicated to imparting comprehensive knowledge crucial for nurturing the body and mind. In our early learning setting, we blend lessons on nutritious eating, proper sleep, hygiene, positive relationships, and emotional well-being, establishing a solid foundation for a lifetime of health and wellness. A distinctive feature of Healthy Elephant is our focus on good nutrition, essential for strong growth and development. Each session features interactive, age-appropriate discussions about the benefits of nourishing our bodies with wholesome foods. We are dedicated to promoting healthy eating habits and nutritional understanding, making a substantial contribution to the long-term health and well-being of our toddlers, nursery, and preschool children

    Bib school Elephant

    At The Green Elephant, our ‘Big School Elephant’ program truly represents our belief that school readiness starts as early as the nursery stage and is an ongoing journey across our entire centre. We have crafted our environments to foster qualities vital for success in various life aspects, including academics. Our approach goes beyond simply teaching literacy and numeracy; we prioritise the development of self-care skills, tailoring the pace to each child’s unique readiness and growth. A key element of our method is enhancing children’s social competence, an essential factor for a smooth transition to school and subsequent academic success. By nurturing social skills such as sharing, turn-taking, and cooperative play, we ensure our children are prepared for school and primed for long-term achievement. This all-encompassing readiness strategy solidifies our commitment to nurturing each child’s comprehensive development and future processes.

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    Our childcare rooms

    The nursery, toddler and preschool programs aim to foster children’s social, emotional, creative and motor skill development. Toddlers learn independence and self-help skills, while preschoolers engage in a play-based curriculum guided by children’s interests and educator objectives


    Our nursery rooms are an extension of your home, and we strive to create a warm, comforting and safe environment, one that caters to the individual needs and routines that young children have.

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    In our toddler rooms we encourage and support children with their forever developing self-help skills and independence. We help to build resilience and self awareness in a harmonious and fun environment.

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    Our preschool program is developed for children aged 3-6 years and focuses on small group experiences which cater to different needs and interests. We want preschoolers to become independent learners through diverse and engaging hands-on experiences.

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