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Our Childcare Centre Locations

The Green Elephant Early Learning Centre, with locations in Beaconsfield, Horsley Park, Rosebery, and Waterloo, consistently demonstrates our commitment to providing a secure, nurturing, and enriching environment that promotes learning and growth for children. Each of our centres is a testament to our dedication to creating a supportive and stimulating atmosphere for the development of young minds.

At each Green Elephant centre, we provide an enriching environment for children aged six months to five years, fostering their natural curiosity. Our play-based learning activities are specifically designed to stimulate young minds and aid developmental milestones. Beyond being mere learning areas, our centres are deliberately created to offer a warm and inclusive atmosphere, enhancing a sense of community and belonging for children, families, and our dedicated staff.

Reflecting our commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship, The Green Elephant centres stand out for their nature-inspired indoor and outdoor play areas and eco-conscious operational methods. Our dedication to sustainability permeates all aspects of our childcare, from the materials selected to the activities offered, ensuring that we nurture our young learners while instilling in them the significance of caring for our planet.

The Green Elephant Childcare Centres

The Green Elephant childcare centre offers a welcoming and nurturing environment for your child’s learning and growth. With various flexible care options, we accommodate the diverse routines of our families, ensuring a suitable fit for all. Schedule a tour today to meet our team and explore our facilities–we’re excited to show you around and eager to meet you soon!

Beaconsfield Childcare Centre

Our Beaconsfield Childcare Centre,
20 – 22 William St, Beaconsfield

Horsley Park Childcare Centre

Our Horsley Park Early Learning Centre,
145 – 161 Horsley Rd, Horsley Park

Roseberry Childcare Centre

Our Rosebery Early Learning Centre,
55 Mentmore Avenue, Rosebery


Waterloo Childcare Centre

Our Waterloo Early Learning Centre,
15 Allen Street, Waterloo


Austral Childcare Centre


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The nursery, toddler and preschool programs aim to foster children’s social, emotional, creative and motor skill development. Toddlers learn independence and self-help. skills, while preschoolers engage in a play-based curriculum guided by children’s interests.

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Why parents choose The Green Elephant Childcare Centres

Parents choose The Green Elephant Childcare Centres for a variety of reasons. Firstly, our centers offer a welcoming, safe, and natural environment where children are encouraged to learn and thrive. We prioritise play-based learning, which helps children develop social, emotional, cognitive, and physical skills in a fun and engaging way. Secondly, we have a strong commitment to sustainability and the environment, which is reflected in our practices and curriculum. Thirdly, we value and prioritize building positive relationships with children and families. Our educators work closely with parents to create a collaborative approach to learning and development. Finally, we offer a range of programs to meet the diverse needs of families, including long day care, preschool programs, and before and after school care. At The Green Elephant, we strive to provide the highest quality care and education to support children’s growth and development.

Our centres

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Explore our immersive spaces and meet our passionate educators and their early learners.


Our childcare rooms

The nursery, toddler and preschool programs aim to foster children’s social, emotional, creative and motor skill development. Toddlers learn independence and self-help skills, while preschoolers engage in a play-based curriculum guided by children’s interests and educator objectives


Our nursery rooms are an extension of your home, and we strive to create a warm, comforting and safe environment, one that caters to the individual needs and routines that young children have.

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In our toddler rooms we encourage and support children with their forever developing self-help skills and independence. We help to build resilience and self awareness in a harmonious and fun environment.

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Our preschool program is developed for children aged 3-6 years and focuses on small group experiences which cater to different needs and interests. We want preschoolers to become independent learners through diverse and engaging hands-on experiences.

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