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vision and values

At The Green Elephant, we hold the belief that each child is a competent and curious learner. We ensure a secure environment for every child to grow and thrive on their journey to big school. Our commitment to crafting stimulating environments transcends the usual and is designed to provoke, engage, and captivate our young learners’ minds. Through respectful partnerships with our families, we guarantee that everyone feels a deep sense of belonging in our nurturing home away from home.

The whole child

Embracing a holistic approach to child development, we focus on nurturing the ‘whole child’ and acknowledging the family’s essential role in this journey. We extend our support, aiding children in taking their first steps to encourage resilience, cultivating a curious mindset during play, and guiding their mindful exploration of the natural world, always infused with abundant fun. Our care for families transcends basic needs, fostering a profound sense of belonging. In our childcare centres, joy, individuality, and laughter enrich the daily atmosphere, creating a dynamic and vibrant backdrop for every experience.

Families as facilitators

At The Green Elephant, we firmly believe in the power of collaborating with our families to best support children’s thriving development. Trust is the foundation of our relationship with you. Recognising that enrolling your child in childcare can be an overwhelming experience, our team of nurturing and professional educators is dedicated to supporting you at every turn. This partnership begins the moment you walk through our doors and continues until we bid farewell and good luck as your child progresses to big school.

Earth to Fork

We hold the belief that the food provided to your child should be wholesome, natural, and rich in nutrients, as well as delicious. Our young learners participate in harvesting fresh, service-grown ingredients, reaping the benefits of earth-to-table eating. Our in-house chefs prepare meals from scratch and involve the children in activities that foster the development of healthy eating habits from an early age.

Reimagining the status quo

At The Green Elephant, we understand that achieving high standards is more than just replicating excellence; it requires a continuous redefinition of what excellence entails. We’re a family of creative and innovative professionals committed to advancing quality in early childhood education. We offer more than childcare–we provide ongoing support and nurturing, always ready to listen and help guide you and your child on the early learning journey. Joining The Green Elephant family means becoming part of something larger–a shared commitment to improving early learning.

The Green Elephant Childcare Centres

The Green Elephant childcare centre is an inviting and warm place for your child to learn and grow. We offer a range of flexible care options, so no matter what routines provided by our families, we have something that works for everyone. Book a tour today and come meet our team! We’d love to show you around. We look forward to meeting you soon!

Beaconsfield Childcare Centre

Our Beaconsfield Childcare Centre,
20 – 22 William St, Beaconsfield

Horsley Park Childcare Centre

Our Horsley Park Early Learning Centre,
145 – 161 Horsley Rd, Horsley Park

Roseberry Childcare Centre

Our Rosebery Early Learning Centre,
55 Mentmore Avenue, Rosebery


Waterloo Childcare Centre

Our Waterloo Early Learning Centre,
15 Allen Street, Waterloo


Austral Childcare Centre


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Our Childcare Centres Rooms

The nursery, toddler and preschool programs aim to foster children’s social, emotional, creative and motor skill development. Toddlers learn independence and self-help skills, while preschoolers engage in a play-based curriculum guided by children’s interests and educator objectives. Educators support learning through conversations and small group experiences, prioritising safety, positive relationships and fun.


Our nursery strives to create a warm, safe environment. Hands-on sensory learning is encouraged.

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Toddlers play, learn and socialise. We encourage independence and resilience, promote self-help skills, and foster literacy and numeracy through free play and structured learning

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Preschool focuses on small group experiences based on children’s interests. One-on-one and group conversations support learning and development.

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