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School Readiness

Let’s get ready for the big school.

It may seem obvious to say, but children aren’t born knowing how to hold a pencil, to recognise symbols, listen and pay attention, and so on. We have to teach children the foundations upon which they can build these more developed skills. Here at The Green Elephant, we provide children opportunities to develop these fundamental skills necessary for the best start at a big school in a way that excites, intrigues and evokes a lifelong love of learning.

A head-start in school readiness

So, what does teaching children these fundamental skills actually look like at TGE? Let’s take writing their name as an example… before a child can successfully manipulate a pencil to form the letters of their name, they first need to develop a complex combination of abilities. This is where the earliest months of life come into play. Squeezing playdough in their fists, holding a spoon to feed themselves, and using their fingers to transfer smaller objects all help to build the fine manipulative skills and muscular strength necessary for writing… and that’s just holding the pencil! Imagine all of the skills needed to wield the pencil, understand directional processes to form letters, and most of all, send all of this information from their little brain to their hand… the process is HUGE. So, preparing children for school isn’t simply focusing on a few special projects in the last year of daycare and inviting the kindy teachers in for a meet and greet… school readiness is about nurturing children’s skills ready for optimal learning in school and beyond.

What skills will
my child learn as part
of The Green Elephant Prepared for School Program?

We provide children with a combination of play-based and intentional teaching activities
which help them to gain the broader range of skills needed for them to develop more
traditionally understood abilities, e.g., writing, name recognition, basic mathematical
concepts, phonic awareness and more.

Some of these broader skills include:

Emotional resilience and regulation

The ability to control and express one’s own feelings

Receptive language skills

Being able to understand others

Expressive language skills

Being able to share their own thoughts and ideas


Being able to be understood by others

Reasoning, sequencing and problem-solving

Basic concepts needed for mathematical and scientific reasoning

Social skills

Including turn-taking and collaborative play

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Research shows that children are more likely to learn when they are truly engaged in an activity… so we at The Green Elephant like to make all of our learning opportunities as fun, thought-provoking and captivating as possible! Natural resources, which are plentiful and inspiring, ensure children’s love of learning is encouraged through their play-based experiences, as well as the intentional teaching opportunities crafted by our educators

Nursery Room
Nursery Room
Toddlers room


We approach more traditional topics of learning, such as the development of phonemic awareness, basic mathematical concepts, and problem-solving and hypothesising, by channelling children’s interests and scaffolding their existing skills. Children are prepared for school by developing as socially competent, engaged learners who show confidence and pride simply in being themselves.

Toddlers room

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Our Childcare Centres Rooms

The nursery, toddler and preschool programs aim to foster children’s social, emotional, creative and motor skill development. Toddlers learn independence and self-help skills, while preschoolers engage in a play-based curriculum guided by children’s interests and educator objectives. Educators support learning through conversations and small group experiences, prioritising safety, positive relationships and fun.


Our nursery strives to create a warm, safe environment. Hands-on sensory learning is encouraged.

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Toddlers play, learn and socialise. We encourage independence and resilience, promote self-help skills, and foster literacy and numeracy through free play and structured learning

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Preschool focuses on small group experiences based on children’s interests. One-on-one and group conversations support learning and development.

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The Green Elephant Early Learning Centres are purpose-built to provide inspiring learning and play spaces for children aged 0-6 years. Each area has been tailored to best meet the needs and development that are appropriate for each child.

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Sending your child to primary school is such a big, exciting milestone that it can often feel overwhelming and leave parents unsure of where to start. To help make the transition smooth and easy, we have put in the leg work for you and created an easy-to-follow TGE checklist that will guide you in preparing your child for ‘big school’ each step of the way.

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